New Light In Dark Corners

Dark forces are at work on Fountain Street in Belfast city centre. The dark side of the Louisiana bayou has found a local host in the shape of Voodoo.

Helmed by the inimitable Micky Brown (the 11 year veteran of another long standing Belfast establishment) the new emporium promises a unique take on a regular night out.

If it’s not the gumbo and jambalaya on the menu, or the elaborately decorated upstairs live music venue that tempts you, maybe it’ll be their signature drink – 21 Chilli Rum. Yes, that is rum with 21 chillies added to the bottle.

Legend has it that this was the favourite tipple of Baron Samedi, the voodoo god of death, amongst other things – he appears to have been quite an accomplished multi-tasking deity. Depicted with a top hat, black tuxedo and dark glasses, he is noted for ‘disruption, obscenity, debauchery, and having a particular fondness for tobacco and rum’, quite the role model then.

The upstairs music venue accommodates up to 200 people until 2am for an already impressive array of clubs nights, including: the reincarnated Radiation, Distortion Project gig nights and brand new Molten Magazine night, all on Frdays.

Alongside this the venue is available to bands looking for an exciting new spot to put their gig on.

Downstairs is the bar, managing to be both spacious and cosy. The layout is simple, one room leading from the door directly to the bar.

Now open for the best part of a year, Voodoo has well established itself as a city centre favourite.

Whether it is one of the many gig or club nights, the always welcoming and friendly atmosphere or the simple temptation of a little more darkness with your refreshment, Voodoo is sure to creep into your soul, just as Baron Samedi planned it.

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