How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Where to see this movie

20/04/2019ODEON Belfast10:00 AM
20/04/2019Omniplex - Bangor12:00 PM
20/04/2019Omniplex - Carrickfergus12:00 PM
20/04/2019Omniplex - Derry12:00 PM
20/04/2019Omniplex - Downpatrick12:00 PM
20/04/2019Omniplex - Dundonald12:00 PM
20/04/2019Omniplex - Dungannon11:50 AM
20/04/2019Omniplex - Kennedy Centre11:50 AM
20/04/2019Omniplex - Larne12:00 PM
20/04/2019Omniplex - Lisburn12:10 PM
20/04/2019Omniplex - Newry12:00 PM
21/04/2019ODEON Belfast10:00 AM
21/04/2019Omniplex - Bangor12:00 PM
21/04/2019Omniplex - Carrickfergus12:00 PM
21/04/2019Omniplex - Derry12:00 PM
21/04/2019Omniplex - Downpatrick12:00 PM
21/04/2019Omniplex - Dundonald12:00 PM
21/04/2019Omniplex - Dungannon11:50 AM
21/04/2019Omniplex - Kennedy Centre11:50 AM
21/04/2019Omniplex - Larne12:00 PM
21/04/2019Omniplex - Lisburn12:10 PM
21/04/2019Omniplex - Newry12:00 PM
22/04/2019ODEON Belfast10:00 AM
22/04/2019Omniplex - Lisburn12:10 PM
23/04/2019ODEON Belfast10:00 AM
23/04/2019Omniplex - Lisburn12:10 PM
24/04/2019ODEON Belfast10:00 AM
24/04/2019Omniplex - Lisburn12:10 PM
25/04/2019ODEON Belfast10:00 AM
25/04/2019Omniplex - Lisburn12:10 PM