Every now and then something starts and before long becomes the next big thing. Only too often we hear about these things long after the event, but I need you to hear about it today. We all have our favourite street food; may it be burgers, pizza or burritos, let me be the first to introduce you to the Bao.

BaoBun on Botanic Avenue Belfast is a revolutionary, exciting and damn right tasty new experience, bringing you Taiwanese street food. The Bao is a south east Asian steamed bread, low in gluten and expertly produced in the most skilled of ways. Because of the lower than average gluten content, the bread is light yet perfectly filling.

Once ordered it can be filled with pulled beef or pork, chicken or for the vegetarian Jack Fruit or Tofu. Finally topped with a range of options from the hot and spicy to fresh and herby.

I went with my daughter last Sunday eagerly anticipating this new taste experience and BaoBun did not disappoint.

I ordered two Baos with pulled beef. Both the beef and the pork are slow cooked for fourteen hours or so bringing a wonderfully full flavour which lingers for just moments on the tongue before evaporating on the palate. I chose to have the mild option as the topping. Deep salty Hoisin, Asian slaw, pickled cucumber with coriander and spring onion. It was so fresh and clean each flavour perfectly balancing with the beef. The pickled cucumber and Hoisin are a match made in heaven, divine in flavour and with the beautiful beef brought me to a point of culinary Nirvana.

With this I had a portion of Kimchi Fries. Crispy French fries topped with Sichuan Sauce, Kimchi (South Korean fermented cabbage which is soooo good) and sesame seeds.

Here's the thing, after eating this meal-deal, I didn't feel bloated or ready for a lie down. I was completely satisfied. I sat for a while studying the menu planning the next visit. The options and combinations are enormous. Poutine Fries which are covered with a pork sauce. Jack Fruit, I mean what does this vegetarian option taste like? Katsu curry sauce with peanuts.

Look, I can write about this all night, so take my word for this, go. Next night out, meet up here with your friends or end the night here instead of that dirty kebab. BaoBun is BYO as well and extremely great value for money.

By the way, my next visit was the very next day and I plan to go back time and again. BaoBun, remember the name and watch out for the new venue on the Lisburn Road. I highly recommend this place the food and street vibe it gives. Competition beware or at least take note.

Paul McMath

BaoBun can be found on Botanic Avenue in Belfast. Find them online at and @baobunbelfast on Facebook and Instagram.

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