REVIEW: Eddie Rockets

The best thing about living in Lisburn is that everything is within walking distance. The worst thing about living in Lisburn is that everything is within walking distance.

Recently my daughter asked me to take her into the Lisburn Mall to go shopping, which is code for ‘Daddy, would you buy me this top?’ Openly I protest but secretly I just love spending time with her. So I grabbed my car keys and was immediately set upon for being a lazy-oaf and that the walk will do me good. So like a good sat nav I recalculated and planned the route past Eddie Rockets at the Leisure Park in Lisburn.

I have been here a few times, their ‘Cheeeze Pleeeze’ burger is a masterclass on the cheese burger, but a friend had told me they had started a new lunch menu with sandwiches and subs and that they were great value for money.

Eddie Rockets is modelled on a classic American Diner and they pull it off remarkably. For those who remember, it is like walking into ‘Arnold’s Diner’ from the American sitcom Happy Days. Bright and upbeat, the red plush leather seating, checker board floor tiles and spacious dinning booths are a movie scene. The atmosphere is so American and the music is classic American 1950’s to 1980’s so it really does capture everything you could imagine an American diner would be. Eddie Rockets is also child friendly with plenty of space for large groups or individual diners. The kitchen is open so it gives a great view of a very clean, very busy kitchen.

For me what tops the theme off is that the dining booths have a desk top juke box connected to the diners speakers. You can pick the music from the flip charts, drop in twenty pence and listen to the classics of your choice; you can set your own atmosphere, just remember to bring plenty of change you will not regret it.

There is plenty on the lunch menu, everything from melts to salads. Each item on the menu could be the right choice. Something new or something familiar, Eddie Rockets gives the right amount of choice without complicating things. There are also a great selection of sides and room enough on the menu for a selection of cheeky lunchtime desserts.

I went for the Tasty Torta. Spicy pulled pork, fresh guacamole, salsa, pepper jack cheese with salad leaves and mayo on a Mexican roll. Served with a side of shoestring fries and garlic dip. To say this hit the spot is a major understatement. The blend of spicy pork and fresh guacamole was sublime. Each mouthful brought the same taste buzz, first the meaty spiced and punchy pulled pork and as you chewed it released the zing and earthy taste of the rich creamy guacamole. There was a perfect amount as well. This was the perfect lunchtime snack, just enough but not over baring, clean and tasty.

Eden, my daughter, had The Fresh Eddie Salad. A grilled chicken and mixed leaf salad with a wonderfully citrus lime and coriander dressing. So fresh and seasoned well. Eden and I both enjoyed it, I kept pinching chicken from the salad. For me salads can be limp and leave me wanting more but Eden said it was filling as well as ‘crispy-clean’.

Even though I had enough and was ready to walk on into town I had to have the apple pie. I mean what is more American than apple pie. Goodness gracious great apple pie. They make each pie at head office and ship them out to the various diners. I was so glad I made time for this. While Eden sipped at her Deluxe Chocolate Brownie milkshake I was engrossed in the warm ‘apple-piedness’ of this perfectly baked pie.

Spending time with Eden at Eddie Rockets was time well spent in a great diner. Eddie Rockets was wonderful, not just burgers and fries but two or three levels above this and at very reasonable prices. I left completely satisfied and with plenty left in the wallet, well that was until I bought her that top.

Paul McMath

Eddie Rockets have four locations in NI - two in Belfast and one each in Newry and Lisburn. Find them online at and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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