Documenta Drone Pop - LP #2 Launch...

Documenta Drone Pop - LP #2 launch
Voodoo, Belfast
Friday 5 Oct 2012

Tonight, one of the country’s most forward thinking, sonically uncompromising acts release their second full-length record in the hip and altogether happening surroundings of Belfast’s Voodoo bar.

Numbering seven members in total – including members of Sea Pinks, Girls Names and Desert Hearts – Documenta are a band whose uniquely blissful command of spaced-out, drone-heavy guitar pop practically guarantees a singular, if not briefly transcendental live experience.

Following a punchy DJ set from the right honorable David Holmes, tonight’s crowd swiftly emerge from dimly-lit corners to the sound of slow-burning instrumental opener ‘Last Transit of Venus’, a typically demure “Oh yeah, we’re Documenta” courtesy of frontman Joe Greene segueing into the more entrancing Motorik groove of early peak ‘Gentle’s Yard’.

Despite the busy weekend chatter of the crowd, the latter’s cyclical melodic phrases, repetitive structures and hushed vocals sees much close-eyed swaying from the band’s local faithful.

Prior to Greene’s tongue-in-cheek insistence that we all buy the new record, a loose rendition of Holmes’ very own ‘Police 69’ (admittedly a little lost on the crowd) precedes the ecstatic, glam-drone of ‘Everything’s Alright Forever’, its beautifully soaring breakdown propelled by serene lead guitar solos and a simple, yet no less blissful chord progression.

With dozens firmly snug in the grasp of Documenta’s craft, a personal highlight comes in the form of the slightly discordant ‘The Lost Golden Bough’. Its burrowing, foreboding waves of feedback deftly evoking both early Mogwai and Yo La Tengo.

At the end up, following six tracks of radiant drone pop interspersed with brief repartees from an in-form Greene, the serene sway of 'Selene' impresses before Documenta wrap up proceedings via exquisite feel-good overture in D major, 'MIki'.

Tonight’s huddled congregation trade grins and whilst somewhat briefer than anticipated, are left dazzled by the beatific and beautiful allure of Documenta’s implicit mantra; “three chords good, two chords better, one chord best”.

By Brian Coney

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