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Flash Harry is a 5-piece Rock Band who have been re-creating the legend rock music that was Queen since 1992.

Flash Harry are a Band of 5 musicians based in Northern Ireland. They started in their present guise in 1992 as a reaction to Freddie Mercury's death the previous year.

They don't go out to mimic Queen, but to re-create their legend Rock music, which has been such a consistent sound track in all walks of modern life since the 1970's, with our own particular rock slant.

They started out with a 26-song set, but now encompass the majority of Queen's released material: a catalogue of extravaganzas which never pass their sell-by date: well-loved rock anthems, lesser known material, and everything in between. They have toured extensively all over Ireland, the UK and abroad, and sold out top-notch venues to capacity: Not only do they love illustrating the magic of Queen, but they have also toured with their own Irish Rock Legends show, showcasing the diversity of Irish born musicians and groups which have made history: Gary Moore, Rory Gallagher, Thin Lizzy etc.

Their biggest production has been their own style "The Magic of Queen - Rocked Up and Classical" show, incorporating a 64-piece orchestra and 40-voice choir; we've performed this show a number of times and keep getting requested to run it again and again.

They've headlined the International Queen Fan Club Annual Convention on several occasions, including in Montreux, Switzerland for global events organised by the Mercury Phoenix Trust. And are no strangers to appearances on TV or Radio either. They think the reason for our popularity is simple: the music of Queen is universal in its appeal and entertainment value; they are honoured to play a staple diet of anthems which always get the crowd on their feet dancing, stamping, clapping and singing along each and every time.

But there's much more to us than that - learn more about them here www.flash-harry.co.uk

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