Review: Murph's Chippy

The humble chippy might be a thing of the past. Now I don't mean that chippys are in any imminent danger of ceasing to exist, just that they can no longer really be “humble”. Standards have been set, and if they aren't met, it'll be early doors.

People have more choice than ever, which means businesses must do even more to attract their custom, and this has trickled down to the ubiquitous chippy. Home of the cod supper, the battered sausage and the mushy pea. It now wouldn't be at all surprising for a customer to ask the origin of the fish or chicken being served, and while I don't envy the business owners having to deal with the kind of person who would ask about the history of the battered sausages, they do have to think about these things.

Gone are the days of battering and frying whatever was available, the once humble chippy has upped it's game and many are now offering food on a level with sit-down restaurants.

One such place is Murph's Chippy in West Belfast. Recently taken over by new management, and boasting a broad menu, they offer 100% locally sourced beef and use 100% chicken breast. See, this is the sorta thing that spots used to say, safe in the knowledge that customers probably wouldn't ever check, but they can't do that anymore, customers are more clued in than ever before, they know that these things make a difference. Any establishment to throw around such claims and not be able to back them up wouldn’t be around for long - Murph’s Chippy seems pretty set on staying put.

Offering generously portioned cod or scampi suppers at £6, made-to-order fried chicken at £5, a range of burgers and chip shop stables like sausages and pasties. They also branch out with an extensive pizza menu and kebab options. Special mention must be made of Chef’s Special Chicken Curry – spiced chicken with onions, peppers, mushrooms with rice and/or chips.

It is a delicious treat of a meal. Perfectly cooked, tender pieces of chicken in a deliciously thick, mild, curry sauce. The peppers and onions keep their bite and compliment the chicken and rice perfectly - believing mushrooms to be the work of the divil, I avoided them but that's just personal preference and they didn’t put me off the dish at all, and I have no doubt that Murph’s would’ve happily left them out if I’d asked. At £5.80 it was a hearty, delicious, meal that I was disappointed to finish.

When you’re trying to convince anyone of anything these days, the internet naturally gets the last word. With that in mind I’d still confidently direct you to Murph’s Chippy’s reviews section on Just Eat, because it tells it’s own happy story - well, with the exception of the one lady who ordered on-the-bone chicken and then got freaked out by it having a bone in it...

And, given that’s it’s 2017 and even my local barbershop has one, Murph’s Chippy has an app, allowing you to browse the menu and skip the phone queues when making you’re order for delivery or collection. And again, by all accounts, Murph’s also have an absolutely delightful delivery driver, which is a huge bonus to any business. Uppa drivers! Tip well, tip often.

Murph’s Chippy can be found at 10 Glenaline Pass, Belfast, and can be found on Facebook @MurphsChippyBullRing. Their app is available for all Apple and Android phones now.

NB: In our latest print edition, 286, I (Hornby, editor) mistakenly wrote that Murph's Chippy is in North Belfast, it is not. Apologies for any confusion caused.

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